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Accutax Computer Tax Service was started in 1991 by James R. (Rick) Clayborn out of a small office in his home. He had been working for others for the previous seven years and decided in 1991 to strike out on his own. From humble beginnings has grown a thriving income tax practice. Rick attributes his success to giving a great value to his clients. His business philosophy consists of giving his clients what they ask for at a reasonable price.

James R. (Rick) Clayborn is an “Enrolled Agent” with Internal Revenue Service. This is the highest accreditation given to Tax Preparers from the IRS. It means he can represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service. It requires regular Continuing Education Classes which assure you of quality and ethical treatment.

During 2001 and 2002 Rick was invited by one of the larger competitors to teach Income Tax Classes to their employees. So it seems somewhat ironic that he actually taught employees of his competitor to prepare Income Taxes for two years. This is in addition to having taught classes for a former employer before founding Accutax. In 2003 Rick offered and taught classes in his own office because Upon moving into a new and much larger office, he found it necessary to teach his own employees because he needed to hire a number of new people to assist with the increase in demand for services at Accutax.

Here at Accutax Computer Tax Service you are assured of a high value for you dollar. We offer you all the choices and services of the “Big Guys” at lower prices. We are able to perform all the functions you need. If you have a business we are capable of preparing your Income Tax Return. We are proficient at preparing 1120S and 1120 returns for corporations, 1065 returns for Partnerships and LLC’s as well as 1041 Fiduciary returns and Gift Tax returns if needed.

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